General Maintenance Clean

Got It Maid’s General Maintenance Clean

Estimates based on this service unless custom clean is requested.


Services Wanted
Microwave cleaned – in/out
Refrigerator cleaned-outside
Range hood cleaned
Stove top cleaned
Oven-outside cleaned
Counter tops cleaned
Sink clean and shined
Sills wiped
Pictures dusted
Trash emptied
Floor cleaned


Services Wanted
Shower/tub cleaned
Toilet cleaned
Light fixture cleaned
Mirror shined
Sink clean/shined
Counter top cleaned
Soap dish and counter items dusted
Tissue and towel holders dusted
Trash emptied
Floors cleaned

Living room, Family room, Dining room, Nook, Bedrooms, Laundry room, Hall/entry/stairs

Services Wanted
Cobwebs removed
Sills dusted
Furniture polished
Lamps/light fixtures dusted
Pictures/mirrors dusted
Table top cleaned
Chairs dusted
Floors-cleaned or vacuumed
Bed linens changed (if provided)
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