Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I expect from my housecleaner?

The first and foremost important factor in my relationship is TRUST. Your personal belongings are valuable. We will treat your home as if it were our own. Got It Maid retains a security deposit from each registered housecleaner for your protection. We use extreme caution when adding a new professional to our referral registry.

Our cleaners have a contractual agreement.Should a liability occur in your home due to your cleaner’s error, he/she is responsible to resolve the matter directly with you. Please work with your housecleaner toward an equitable solution. The agency is not responsible, nor liable for acts of the independent housecleaner.

Secondly, our referred housecleaners are EXPERIENCED. Experience allows us to give you real value for your dollar. When an experienced housecleaner enters your home, he/she already has an established routine, which eliminates extra steps and backtracking.

Q: What is my role when I contract a Got It Maid housecleaner?

COMMUNICATION is key. Housecleaning is as individual as you and me. By letting the agent and housecleaner know your particular expectations and needs, we can serve you best, If the referred house cleaner does not make the perfect “match”, simply call the office and we will accommodate any recommended changes.

A cleaning PRIORITY LIST is a good communication tool. Please keep in mind a realistic expectation for the hours of service agreed upon, as we price by the hour, not the job. Should your home be cleaned by a team, remember the changes are based on the service hours provided by each housecleaner.
Your list could also include instructions for looking up, location of cleaning supplies and vacuum, and special circumstances in your home. We appreciate this information since it takes out some of the guess work.

48 Hour Cancellation Notice Is Requested

Q: Can I provide my own supplies and equipment?

Yes, Many Got It Maid clients provide their own cleaning products and exchange abilities allows you the ultimate decision of what products you feel provides the best cleaning results, safety to your surfaces and environment, and fragrances you find pleasing. If you would like suggestions on what products to provide, we will be happy to discuss options with you. It is our policy not to use bleach-based products. If damages are caused by your products, we will not accept liability. Please check your vacuum periodically. Vacuum maintenance is not the responsibility of your housecleaner.

Supplies can be provided by your housecleaner for an additional fee

DEPENDABILITY. In everybody’s busy schedule, a consistent routine is certainly important. Got It Maid provides either one time or regular interval service. Once an established schedule has been set, you will not get a confirmation call each visit unless a schedule change is required. In the event that your housecleaner cannot keep his/her appointment with you, Got It Maid will make every effort to provide substitution so that your services are uninterrupted. Our service has an outstanding reputation for reliability. It is our goal to maintain this accomplishment.

Q: How should I make payment for services?

Please pay by cash or check payable to Got It Maid on the day of service. If you would like to make other payment arrangements, please contact the office. Returned check charge is $20.
Got It Maid will issue your cleaner a 1099 tax form on your behalf.

Q: Is it appropriate to tip the housecleaner?

Although a tip is certainly not expected, your graciousness is always appreciated.

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